Become an Enviro-Champ

Note: If you have ODK Collect in your phone please uninstall it and use the link below.

Note: The phone may tell you that it is not safe to install this APK. Don't worry. Go ahead with the installation, this version has some extra fixes for Enviro-Champs.

After the installation:

1- Download the below QR on your phone.

2- Open ODK Collect and click on the "Configure with QR code".

3- In the top right corner, click on the "3 dots" button.

4- Select import QR code and browse and select the QR that you downloaded in step 1.

5- Click on the "Download form" button and then the "Get Selected" button.

6- Click on the "+ Start a new form" button and click on the "EnvironChamp Registration" form.

7- Fill the form to register as an Enviro-Champ.

After you register you will receive a QR over WhatsApp to configure ODK Collect with the Activity Tracker form.

Keep your community healthy

Monitor and record stream water pollution levels

Build connections

Engage with the community to come up with solutions


Learn new skills

Help the environment and build knowledge and skills for tomorrow

Become an agent of change

Compile findings and effectively approach authorities with evidence

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